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From Badshaw786:

For once I completely agree with DIRK123, I checked Zel's profile and judging by his name and age he is in college (or has a job) the idea is the same. We all have very busy schedules. I checked your profile. You are only 14 years old, only old enough to be in HS if I'm not mistaken. you have so much more time being in HS than we do in College, give Zel a break ok. Just be glad that Zel is determined to finish the game. (Now I'm exaggerating) It could be anywhere from two weeks to two years.
Gimme a break. You are even newer than me in this forum and to hacking in itself. I know Zel is a Busy guy, and I never complained about him not working. I just wanted to know if he IS working or did he give up. I'm not complaining, Sheesh...

And where did you get all that psychic ability to guess that Zel is in college or has a job from his NAME? None of the name here are real names, you know. Yes, it is true that Zel has also got a job, but how the hell do you know it from his NAME? And yeah, I being a college student, cannot be a 14 year old. Who told you I'm 14, your "psychic ability"?
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