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i have a good idea of what pokemon will be in the ice path and the dragons den...............BUT SPOIL ISNT GOOD AT ALL

Quote originally posted by prince112:
Well, the The cave in Ice Path is going to a Ice Type lengendary,

and the Big Rock blocking the way in Dragon's Den, well, it's supposed

to be a cave where a Dragon Type Lengendary is going to to be held inside.
I´m curious and thats why im asking this, how do you know about which legendaries will and will not be in the game?

Quote originally posted by prince112:
OT: Hmm... my save states list is like this:

State 2: Backup of State 1.

State 3: Before starting a battle with any trainer.

State 4: Reviewing "Earthquakes".

On Topic: Hmm, great hack with that annoying Carlos with the

way so it makes the hack more interactive!!

Have a Question though.

Are there any more minigames?

What is the total number of Minigames your inserting?
for now i think there will be:

Naranja Falls mini-game
you fall down on a water fall to get money and items

Teasure Cave mini-game
find the way out of an unflasheble and dark cave and win a rare candy

Match mini-game
simple memory game to get money if you win

Dig mini-game
to find stones and fossils of course

These are the ones i saw, so far i thing there will be more

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