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Quote originally posted by cooley:
It can already do that...Did you even use XSE, before suggesting?
No, I'm pretty sure you can't do that; I'd be interested how that's done if it can be, though.

Quote originally posted by cooley:
Just useless. Stop being lazy, XSE has A "linking offsets" function, which you Ctrl+Click, and it'll take you to the offset you clicked on.
I think you misunderstood me: I meant that when you decompile a script from a ROM, XSE automagically assigns a name to all the offsets (essentially dynamic offsets), so that when you recompile the script, there's no risk of overwriting something else if it becomes too long. It could simply repoint and wipe where the script used to be with FF's.
It's not useless at all; in fact it would be quite helpful.

Quote originally posted by cooley:
How about you just, press F1, over a command?
Er... that's not what I meant at all... I meant you put the cursor over an OFFSET/OFFSET NAME, and it tells you the length of the script in bytes. And for decompiled dynamic offsets as discussed above, it could also tell you the current offset in the ROM.

Quote originally posted by cooley:
Not useful, at all...Plus, this'll take a LOOONG time to implement.
Well it could be useful, but if it's too difficult to implement, then fine, don't. I'm not a programmer, and don't pretend to be; it seemed to be a fairly simple thing, but if it isn't, then clearly he shouldn't bother. It was only a suggestion.

Quote originally posted by cooley:
You want Autocomplete? Then use PKSV! Why would -Hackmew- want to copy Score_under's idea?
Because it's a good idea... There's nothing wrong with using a similar thing, because it's hardly that original: score_under didn't found the concept of autocomplete did he? It's just useful for saving time.
I don't use PKSV because XSE is better in so many other ways, but autocomplete would just make it even better. Also, PKSV's autocomplete is annoying and get's in the way. It could be very simple: just place a highlighted completion of the most likely command result from the input after what you are typing, a bit like what happens when you type in the command help search

Quote originally posted by cooley:
That will be featured, in the Comprehensive Scripting Guide, soon to come. But why not experiment? And it gives enough detailed information, in order too. You just have to comprehend it...
Well the F1 thing from above helped: I didn't realise you could do that.

Quote originally posted by cooley:
You are ... I don't even have a word for you.

That will take more time, than it will take to type in, msgbox 0xOffset

Well it wouldn't... All I really mean is when you type msgbox, text adjusting appears with a box for putting the offset/offset name, so when you press convert, it just goes straight into a script down below so you can continue with the script.
Again, it's only a suggestion and a minor one at that; if it's too difficult/lengthy to implement then don't. It's just a timesaver.

Quote originally posted by cooley:
You are mistaken, you cannot paste text into text adjuster.

Quote originally posted by cooley:
-HackMew- Plans on including this in the next release, but I can't tell you much more though...
Well great!

I'm sorry if I offended you; I was only trying to help.
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