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I'm not really sure if I'll be replying to everyone, or if I'll be replying to someone that has already received a reply, but whatever, the important thing is that, at the end of this post, there is a little update. Yay!

Originally Posted by Synyster_Zeikku View Post
However do you think you'll ever change the mountain tile?
And how is the progress going? (I did read first post, just wanna know how your getting along )
I dont think so. I could have changed it to the DP one, but I guess it's overused now. So, I'll stick with the FR one, with the palettes I've put in.

Progress? Well, since I finished the minigames, now I have to do two Trick House puzzles. Then I should pay some attention to all the music stuff clonex and Magnius have been working on, and then...
...the pain, killing bugs and testing, dont you all hate that?

Originally Posted by Mattsusie1 View Post
Why did you call Red, Carlos thats lame, and why did you swear in goldenrod?
Again, he's supposed to be an older guy than the heroes, so he certainly acts a bit different. Not like the game's dialogues will become just a bunch of bad words, but, one or two could show up, specially when the situation deserves it.

And, in case you didnt know. That situation was just what happened to me when I played the original Gold. Whitney just swept the floor with me the first time I played the game and she left me cursing her... XP

Originally Posted by slicernicer View Post
What'll you do when Kanto is complete? will you just quit on the game, or will you think up some new zones, put the sevii islands in, or even think up some new plot involving teams aqua or magma?
No, no more "evil teams" please. They tend to be repeatitive and boring to script. You'll just have some fun with some of the old (and a new) rivals in a small island on a new region.

Originally Posted by JJK View Post
To solve this once and for all for zel: If you are using any emu other than vba, you are on your own. However, i suggest this:

[U][SIZE=3]zel, I'm not gonna ask what, but will any of the giant rocks be removed in beta6? The same way, will there be more legendaries released other than Lugia (just yes or no)? I don't wanna spoil any surprise, i just want to know it there will be any XD

EDIT: And the trainer building in vermillion?
The only one that will be removed is the one in R4, and not till you finish another event first. All the others remain there, which means there must be something important that I dont want to give you access to yet.
And, as I said a few times already. Counting Lugia, there'll be four legendaries showing up, but you wont be able to catch all four of them.

The trainer building is working in Vermilion, though it seems it worked with some connection or something in the original Gold. I always played it and it was "every day you go there and you battle that dude that looked like the hero", well, it's gonna be the same thing.
Though probably in the future I want to make it like you can battle against a trainer with the three Kanto starters or a trainer with the three Hoenn starters (and the one with the Johto starters as well)
*NOTE: No, no Brendan/May for the Hoenn starters!*

Originally Posted by shinygoldash View Post
I wonder what the name of the island(s) is.
I guess it doesnt matter if I post it or not, as a character will mention it in B6. The islands are called the "Midga Islands" (and since there are two main islands, locals call them the "Big Midga" and the "Small Midga", in the latter is where the last part of SG will be held)

Originally Posted by -Lawliet View Post
Hey Zel, Awesome game man I enjoyed playing it. The gameplay was awesome, music remixes, everything!.
In a form of my appreciation I would like you to have this:3

Hope you like it!
Just quoting so I dont forget about it. Thanks!

Originally Posted by Sebastien Loeb View Post
Zel modified Trainer Music !
I think you already said that, and you also sent me a PM about that, and I already replied (in both ways) that they will be changed.

Originally Posted by Magnius View Post
Very WIP Kanto Gym Battle Theme Remix I did...
It's sounding cool. I'm glad you are taking drums more seriously, it certainly makes the last themes you've done much better.

Originally Posted by Papingones View Post
hey Zel, on beta 5, after you beat the last gym in johto (dragon one) you r sent to look for dragon fang rite? anyways... a found a lil "bug" while doing so: i had my inventory FULL so when i got to "pick up" the dragon fang.. it said my inv was full... but still the gym leader would come... talk her lines gimme da badge n the TM.. so i said... wow.. funny i didnt pick it up... n when i picked it up again (after tossing an item) a "ghost" (cuz no one really appeared) started to talk to me, gave me da badge n da TM again... i restarted the game just to c if i could do it over n over... n i actually could...

Not that dragon breath is such a GREAT TM... but could sell some of those for money :p got like 50..... the prob is the scrypts arent looking for u to actually "posses" the item... they rather activate themselves when u press A button on dat tile... at least thats da feeling i get...
I always recommend people to have room for new items, because I never (and I'll probably never fix that, considering how many items are scattered around) check if your bag is full or not. I have been noticed about that bug before, but as I said, I dont think I'll want to change it.

Originally Posted by Dougo007 View Post
Yeah, I want to point out that this message was too long for me to get interested at looking at it. If there was something you were asking me, please do it again without quoting so many people.
And remember that I have to read a lot of messages, it's better that the messages are not too long, thanks '

Originally Posted by gamingmaster12 View Post
It's been a very long time since the release of the last beta.

So, is Zel even working on Beta 6, or better, the final version?
Well, at least I still plan to release the next one before this year ends, while the final sometime next year (this thing of getting a job wasnt in my plans so I'll have to move my expectations a little)

But, I'll work on it, if there is time and the mood is right.

Originally Posted by Pokepal17 View Post
I have a question for Zel.
If he built Johto on the Sevii Islands then why is the paletting for the places in Kanto wierd in Beta 5 when I look at it in Advance Map 1.9?
Paletting = Mapping?

Arent you confused with how the maps look in terms of tiles. Because I know that looks like a mess (in fact, currently they look fine, as I have finished the remaining Kanto maps for B6)

Originally Posted by spiritofsteel View Post
my question to you (or anyone that could help me) is - where is the earliest place you can get a water stone in this game?
The Dragon Den, there is a certain order when battling the three dragon trainers there that will give you a Water stone. I dont remember which order.

Originally Posted by DogboyShugo View Post
Can I get some info on what to do with the GS BAll? I went back to Kurt and he keeps saying hes busy after i talked to proffessor Elm about it.
If he says he's busy, then, he's busy. Just go outside, walk around for a while trying to not touch anything, and after a few minutes of walking, he'll be ready to progress with the event.

Originally Posted by Pokepal17 View Post
I think that Zel might put Mew in the new Islands he's making.
I think Zel's gonna make the last rival battle against Carlos with lvl 100s
Most likely (about Carlos' battle), but also, most likely, a lot of people around that island will be close to the 100s (and definitely, they'll be on the 100s on the X version)



I'm a bit tired to explain in details what the last minigame is about, but perhaps with the description in the video it will be enough. I'll try to write something in the next post, but I think it's pretty evident what'll happen when you see the video and the description.



I'll repeat it again, now that I've finished the last minigame, I'll have to start to create two new Trick House puzzles (probably during the next two weeks). After that, I'll have to see what clonex and Magnius have been doing and deciding stuff about the music (if there is something to decide), not sure how much that'd take (depends on how satisfied I am with how the music is sounding by then, probably ). And, once all (or, what we have) the music is inserted, I'll start to fix some bugs, updating some scripts and when I finish that I (and my testers, if they are around by then XD) will run a beta test (fixing some more bugs and all that crappy stuff)
Around the time of beta testing I'll start to show some screenshots.

By the way, dont be surprised if I decide to close the thread in the next days, because I dont think I'll have anything interesting to say, and it'll probably be better to have it closed to avoid spamming. For now it'll be open because I want to hear some comments about the last minigame, but, again, dont be surprised if I decide to close the thread for a while.

That's it. Be good everyone!

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