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Pokemon: Team Alpha's Revenge
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Trust me, Im gonna make a better logo
Im making it in Game Maker
And it is still an RPG


Pokemon can't just be all "I pick fight and chose which attack, and hope its a critical attack". Pokemon should have actual fighting with their attacks, kinda like pikachu in brawl. This is where my game comes in.

This is a quick intro on the game. You and your pokemon will be going on adventures smashing through the place and fighting other pokemon. Just like normal pokemon games, there would be attacks.


Note: This is a rough.

Your Mother Has Past Away... Boo Hoo ! You know how that would work without a mother around. Well... Here is slightly different. Your Mother was killed, by Team Alpha. As that Prologue happens, Pokemon have been given a new look, a new way of battling. President Satoshi Tajiri says that Pokemon battling would be unfair if it's turn-based and that it wouldn't be really strategy-like, training would be boring. So he developed a way to make Pokemon fight in a different way, a way as if they were fighting in an arena.

Anyways, back to the story. 3 Years Later, the law took affect and your getting your first Pokemon. You then have a chance to show it off to your Brothers, and especially your Rival. As you beat him in a match, he will get angry at you for beating him, and runs off. There you go, off to your pokemon world. As you beat your first Gym Leader, an explosion took place in Pione. The sweet place, a sweet place. It has never heard or seen any crime or violence and such, until that day. You go discover what that explosion came from. When you find the source, that would extroardinarily change your life forever.
Pro's and Cons
- This is made in Gamemaker, so no downloading.
- It has a more fun, better battling systems
- New Items and Events that normal pokemon RPG's cant do
- New region
- Diamond/Pearl Characters
- Some Other Enemies you can fight thats not Pokemon
- Pokemon Card System
- Gym Leaders and Elite Four Battle
- No TM's or HM's
- Probably not all the pokemon would be in this game, due to lack of sprites
if you would like to submit sprites, please, don't hesitate.
- You cant catch pokemon, until ill find a way you can.

- Cutscenes, with Game Maker's amazing powers

3 Special Pokemon Attacks Each Pokemon
New item, where when you collect it, you unleash the pokemon's best attack
New Items To Collect
New Pokedex function
Different Trainers you can be.
Different Trainers you can fight
Different Pokemon You can fight
What you can do to help?
Submit some pokemon Mystery Dungeon Sprites, or Ranger: Shadow Of Almia Sprites

I can use:
Battle Stage Creators
More when the full thread comes out.
Note: I bolded what really is needed.

Yes. I will, of course, release a demo of the first town and the matches.

I cant provide some screens right now, still animating and importing for the game, so probably i will give a screen either tomorrow or at leas tthe weekend.


I forgot his username, but you can find his thread here:

Spriters-Resource for my spriting resource.
Pokecommunity, for making me post my game when probably not any other pokemon sites can.

Please, someone post. Anything, but also posts that help.

Added one of the main characters, Lucas, in.

Ideas Section
This is where I tell you ideas, you agree yes or no, and if yes, i an maybe do it.

- PP ball: When you collect 10 of them, you can unleash a powerful move the pokemon uses.
- Evolution stone: Evolves the pokemon so that it can do stronger attacks
- PokeAssist: Little pokeballs that assist the pokemon
- Obstacles: Some obstacles in the way on the stage
- Some matches has to be 2-players, so yeah.
- TM's and HM's: Unleashes different kinds of moves, depending on the HM.
- Poketch: I, or we, can custom-make a poketch to function in the game
- The Alpha-C: An Alpha communicator with Pokemon games and etc. on it

To do list before Beta/Demo comes out:
- Add main character
- Add main character's battling pokemon
- Add some trainers
- Add first 2 maps
- Add 3 battles
- Add some items

I've been up at 12, so im kinda tired, but i love how this game is going.
I will require a website, containing everything you need to know about my game. Ill put it there just so you guys can check it out every now and then.
Just like my game: It's Beta

OMJOMJOMJ finally, I got to some screenshots. This is a few, as I only inputed a little. So, here is the first place you go to when you enter the world.

EDIT 11/18/08
Well, the thread is revived. Im continuing on this game, with a more vivid intro. I added some stuff to the thread, and also, I can get the demo out, as soon as I sprite over 150 Pokemon, which I can get around 30 Done today.

Q: Why is it named "Team Alpha's Revenge"?
A: Team Alpha is getting revenge

Q: Why Did I choose Game Maker?
A: You don't have to Download the game to play it. If I use Game Maker, I can put different things on this also

Q: What Engine is it?
A: Well, its a fighting game

New Screens


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