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Hack Name: Pokemon Ice Pearl (or Pokemon- South Park Edition)

Hack of: Ruby

Additional Info: Gym leaders (and possibly Elite Four) and other characters are South Park characters (Minus Gym Leader #8) however, the player has an original character, Player is able to catch all starter pokemon, Pokemon from Kanto to Hoenn can be caught.

Finished progress: 1% (Pokemon location editing, Starters changed, Trainer Name and Pokemon Changes (Un-Tested))

Your Hacking Skills: Minor spriting, Editing Pokemon stats and locations, music input (Maybe)

What help you're looking for: Scripters (URGENT!), Overworld and Regular Spriters (Semi-Urgent), Mapping (URGENT!), Music (URGENT!) and other stuff that comes up.

NOTE: If you decide to help with regular sprites, please don't do Butters as I have already designed him. However, an overworld sprite is needed for him.

Additional Contact Information: You can contact me through e-mail at [email protected] OR [email protected]. However, I HIGHLY recommend contacting me through my Hotmail e-mail since AOL has been known to delete my e-mails from time to time.

EDIT: Music has been added to the Needed section.

Name: Squitle
Adopt one yourself! @Pok�mon Orphanage

Name: Bulbasaur
Adopt one yourself! @Pok�mon Orphanage

Name: Charmila
Adopt one yourself! @Pok�mon Orphanage
I'm Sorry! But I had to adopt 3 Pokemon. They were just so cute!