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“‘Blood…’ a faint voice behind us spoke. Charizard was yanked backwards.

Whipping our bodies around, Tyranitar and I watch as the ellipse jaws of a monster pulled him down the hall. After reaching a spot several yards away, the beast dropped him on the floor with its maw still attached to his neck and started to wrap its slender form around him. Its alternating lime and black coils quickly constricted to his abdomen and tail.

‘Get off!’ the dragon roared as he clawed the monster’s hide. It appeared useless, as if its hide formed to his slash…”~quote Biohazard (sorry if that’s wrong, I don’t know how to do inter-thread quotes…)

Sound like it was meant for comfort, txteclipse? Little known fact of life, parasites cause pain. Not meaning to be rude, just trying to emphasize it.

But, damn! Can’t get much more cruel than that! I thought I was onto something with Doxisite, the ravenous leech from that excerpt, but your parasites hold no bonds, Xanthine! Though, they might not last long if they were to fight with my fake (can’t break my monster’s hide and its innards can turn unstable, HO HO! ;p), let alone the monster that spawned it. Okay, sorry for digressing like that.

Seriously, though, I love your work! Sci-fi action, horror, suspense… These are things that most fiction and movies of the genre aren’t up to snuff with anymore (at least not without overkill), and here you go pulling them off almost masterfully. Hope I don’t offend anyone else when I say it, but you’re too good for fan fiction! You should write a novel and get it published…seriously. I’d definitely read it!