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Quote originally posted by deadlyangel91792:
sweet the betas out i take it we can use mikachu???
Yes, Mikachu is your starter.

Quote originally posted by ~Undefined~:
i played the beta... It was pretty good, but having two gyms in the first two towns probably isn't the best. I noticed a few mistakes/bugs in the game
-On route 1 there is a few squares of land that you can't walk through
-the bug catcher that doesnt battle that is walking around in the grass beneath a house in route 2 misspells "sorry". Instead he says "soorry".
-On route 2 nearer to the bottom, there is a tree above a short fence that you can walk through half of the tree.

Thats all I noticed.
I loved Mikachu, even if it is a bit cheesey. I can't wait for the next beta.
Ok. Thanks for the bug report. I'll add it.

Quote originally posted by Sk8er Prince:
The Gyms are too near, and that's what you need to change.

The OW Sprites aren't that good, especially with the Hero/Heroine,

which I only see they have Palette Changes.
I'm not good at OWs, and they're not simple Pallette changes. I went through EVERY VARIATION of the sprite and changed what I needed to change because back when I started this, I didn't know that all that could be edited with simple HEX.

Bugfix version Beta 1.02 will come out shortly. Look for it!

P.S. Thanks to Blazichu to movin g my thread here from the Scrapbox and adding that i had Beta 1 released.

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