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Originally Posted by JV12345 View Post
Yellow, Red, Blue = Zapdos, Moltres and Articuno
Silver and gold = Lugia and Ho-oh colors
Ruby, sapphire= Groudon (there are rubys in its cave), *i forgot the other name, probably because i hate him

Also for the "ranch", you dont need to make a new daycare, just make a realistic one, where you can go in and see random pokemon in the fields. The only thing that would be hard to do is to see YOUR pokemon walking around.
That would be kyogre (not sure about the spelling)
But yeah you're right, never looked to it like that (title > legendary)
The pokémon walking around thing is as ashandmisty said probably the easiest thing to do, it'll be pretty time consuming

Originally Posted by ashandmisty View Post
All you'd have to do is make an OW sprite for every pokemon in the game so then when you go to the daycare you can see it running around. If I make it sound so easy it's because it is, the only thing wrong is it's time consuming.

If you'd like help with the event coding just ask
Yup, that's true, it's really , really time consuming
I will ask your help if I eventually get to that!

Originally Posted by JV12345 View Post
ashandmisty: thats true, but i really think that this isnt his main focus. If he puts some pokemon running around in a ranch, thats already going to be cool. Also i have another idea, in this area make that you can battle those pokemon when you touch or press a button on them...
Also that is true, it's not my main focus right now.
It maybe will be after I've made some progress on the game in mapping and eventing way. And about your idea, do you mean by "this area" a pokémon ranch?
Because if that's what you mean, then it would be a no mainly because the pokémon who live there aren't wild pokémon, and if you battle them and beat them the need to go to the Pokécenter..

Thanks for the feed back you two!

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