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Originally Posted by ah2190 View Post
That's OK with me, and maybe, just maybe, XD002 might come thinking that Team Galactic are trying to mimic what Cipher did before. Although at first, he might believe that the player is working for Cipher, and will fight him/her. But, when he loses, the player tells him that he was mistaken, and then XD002 might help him/her during the final stages of the game. But I don't mind if XD002 only makes a camo appearance right at the end of the game.

Besides, XD002 has experience with Shadow Pokemon, and these fossil Pokemon are just like Shadow Pokemon. So it would be fitting for XD002 to appear, even if it's as a camo.
Sorry but am I missing something?
Who is XD002?
(never played Pokémon XD..)

Originally Posted by Tropical Sunlight View Post
Name the ball Tomb Ball

Custon D/P style OW? I think I know someone to do that, just gimme a sec
I'll consider that name! (anyone other suggestions as well?)
Uhm I'm waiting!
In the mean time, I'll be trying to do so myself
Thanks for the support and suggestions

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