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OMG!!!!! i got the vip treatment and got to download the beta version from very early on! dont be jealous guys.*fixes himself and returns to his professional reserved self*. i think its a great game, though not for everyone. its refreshing and different and gives a more versitile approach to playing pokemon that is not only much needed but also has never been done before. those of us who feel that its to gorey just fail to realise that we simply think so because our minds and have become too accustomed to the traditional way of playing the game, to allow us to think outside the box. i guarrantee u that had pokemon always been a game like this one and she intoduced the rpg that we know and love u wud be saying it would be to dull. so dont let ur minds lag in stagnant thinking. this stuff is JAMES BOND MEETS PKMN WHATS NOT TO LIKE! ........5/5
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