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Originally Posted by Shun View Post
Because Chibo_wolf Quit the project i took over and because he imported the Tiles and graphics before hand i haven't edited them,

Also i have started the Eventing.

And the Eevee and Evos are the sprites for what the next tiles are going to be in the game.

I can't really think of a good plot lol but it will come soon.

The gym tile sets were made by chibo and i am going to change them all and in the eighth screen is A special orb which i am going to change because i currently don't like that spritre.

Update to Thread!

If you wish to be Part off the Eclipse Staff then please read the Staff section FULLY!

Also I am Making a Video for Trailer For the game.
Well without a plot this is in the wrong section it should be in the plot and story idea space.