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Quote originally posted by Infernal Contraption:
Impressive new and progressive updates, Disturbed,
I'm not sure I like the Kyledove tiles (they just seem to not look good to me on a FireRed ROM).
I seem to like FR tiles by default better, maybe with small adjustments.
Yeah, I've decided that your palettes do look better on that one map, with slight not eyeburning fixings.

Quote originally posted by maximum911:
i love the title screen! it is so awsome
Thanks =D
Quote originally posted by Sk8er Prince:
Good updates, Disturbed!!

I love the tiles!!

Wish you Good Luck~

There are definetely going to be alot more tiles coming up later this week.

~Current Status~
Making a nighttime forest, location of the Dark/Ghost type "Gym" leader.