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Wow, hammered with replies O.O
4 in 15 minutes xD

Originally Posted by ¿TB Pro™ View Post
Do you know how to make a script like that? If so, I need to bum it and look at it, just to get a general idea of it.P.S. It's Cacti not Cactuses ; )
Actually, I don't =P
But my scripters do =D

Originally Posted by ~element View Post
Wow thats looking awesome!
I really like the exhaustion idea Disturbed!

Originally Posted by dratii View Post
That is cool Disturbed, nice work so far, GL of this hack.
Originally Posted by Volcanic View Post
The desert feature's very innovative. Great job, man, keep it goin'.

I'd definitely download this when it's done. Unfortunately, the emulator virused my computer last time.
Maybe try one other than what you used before, theres more than 1 emulator for GBA =P