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Quote originally posted by ryushin5:
Well i'm thinking of making a thread for mercury's story in the plot story board space and then make a thread in the game showcase but i don't know if i should do that or not.
lol make one in the plot and story section and avatar will move it when its ready.
Quote originally posted by Red Gyrados:
so have you finished Infinte Rainbow?
i see you havent y not finish IR and then make malachite?
No IR isn't finished. I have already stated in both thread now I think. I'm getting Malachite ready. i wont start eventing or mapping until my digimon or pokemon game is done.

Quote originally posted by CoN~:
Well this is interesting.

Lime starts with you living alone in the city too~

Yeah um that'll be getting changed soo. Maybe a small island will be good lol like the turtle hermits Island! anyway yeah thanx for informing me I dont like biting.