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A hack of FireRed/Ruby.
You start as a Hero/ine named _____ (Have'nt thought of names)

You wake up in ur bed. another bad dream and weird nightmares.

it keeps coming back , each time , diffrent one , scarier , weirder and more mysterious.

the only thing keeps u in mind is ur birthday coming , and ur first pokemon ur dad

[...] the day has comed. You'r thrilled , and itchy to get ur first pokemon.

You get to the lab and wonder.. : Which pokemon should I choose?

You have Ghastly (Kinda problem because of not effected/ing from/of Normal)

and Abra (Another problem , need to change the TM's because of teleport).

-You choose a pokemon-

Now you'r having fun with ur new pokemon , training him and stuff..

but in the middle.. everything turns black.

ur head is exploding , ur eyes are almost poping out ,you suddenly faint.

you wake up in a black & White city called _____.

some woman , which describes as ur mom calls u.

but wait.. thats not ur name.. its someone's else name.. Weird.

you get another "First pokemon".

you PlayPlayPlayPlayPlay and suddenly Again , that whole scene keeps happening.

you wake up in the Pokemon Center , people say that u started twiching and finally you fainted for 4 hours.

Everything is colorfull again , you sigh.

How's that?
Comments please.
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