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Originally Posted by Wichu View Post
Nice update. I spy two errors, though~
I think there should be an exclamation mark, or at least a comma, after "Hey boss". Or better still, change it to just "Boss!".
Also, there's a tile error with the spikes on the right side of the building.
Haha! The spike error has been fixed(stupid layerd trees forced me to use lots of priority settings in the tileset). And thanks for pointing out the boss error, I get bored playing the same event coding over and over again to make sure it works smoothly that I usual don't read the text.

I was working on planning out different events for the game and I think I came up with a lot of awesome stuff. Lots of little events to demonstrate how the region of Iriho has become so corrupt with this plauge. Be warned there will be a lot of people who you would never think are corrupt, that actually are.

I also have finished planning the backbone of the story, and let me tell you, I have decided that Iridium will be very action packed and long. I'll say only this: You may think that its like all other Pokemon games, fight the evil team to end a their plan. While this is true, there's a whole new twist to the game that will change the story, the plauge gets worse, and there is a "legend" that can save all of Iriho...

Thanks for the comments. I love positive comments! :D


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