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First of all thethethe I would like to say that your tutorial was very good but I got lost when you said that you needed to index the picture and after that i didnt understand. If you could help this is the help i REALLY need. help would be awesome. well here goes.

what do i do with unlz? I went to 2011 and found a messed up Charizard. what do i do with it? do i have to save it as a certain file? .PNG or .GIF? when i save it do i just erase it and then put my picture in? In cyclone do i load it as a tileset or tilemap?

I need more help but i dont want to bother you. I'll start of with editing the pokemon in the title screen and then the rest. Oh and if your wondering whats the pokemon gonna be its gonna be flootenkerp. just thought i should tell you since im asking for help.

I sent you a private message but i just made this account today so i dont know a thing so i was worried it didnt get sent