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Originally Posted by JJMcay View Post
It all looks very good Monorthreat0987 but i am very disapointed to see that you have used the name of my pokemon professor... you dont have to change it but please ask before doing somthing like that again.....
Okay for one thing, your professor's name is AspRen, and mine is Aspen(without an R), so I have not stolen your Professors name anyway.

Originally Posted by Blazers08 View Post
Hasn't Pokemon Iridium been around longer then your game JJ....
(Plot and story idea)

Did you ever think that you used his professors name?
Yes you are correct Blazer, the first Iridium thread was started in February of 2008 and had been in development since February of 2007, so technically JJ stole my professors name, but its a name, I have no rights over whether he calls is professor Aspren or not, nor do I really care much.

Anyway, I have some new scripts set up, and new interface graphics for the the Pokemon Summary Screen, I'll hopefully show pictures of them soon.

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