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ya i have the same problem with flootenkerp.
sorry i basically just started scripiting and hacking and all that, and i dont really understand what u meant by indexing it. But i know u need to cuz i inserted a picture in place of the charzard, and it said i needed to index it.

this is were u confuse me:But first I'll need to index it and make sure all the tiles will fit into the Cyclone writing style.
So I'll end up with this. Thanks for the help

Edit: Alright i made it neat manually, i took the picture on the left and just put it on the right. I uploaded the tilemap onto unlz, to take place of charizards tilemap, but when i just try and import the picture to take place of charizard, does that have to be all messed up looking like how the charizard looks whenever u go to 2011, because it says it needs to be indexed.

Edit: I really dont understand this, ive been trying everything, i upload the tile map to take place of charizards, but whenever i load the game its just lines everywhere. But thats when i uploaded the tilemap when it was messed up. But I fixed it again to make it look normal, and whenever i put it in unlz it still does the same thing. And i dont understand what we are supposed to do on the actual charizard picture, do we just insert a png file or do we load RAW? Im reeaallllyyy confused right now and have been trying to figure this out for like 2 hours now.