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Now I need a Beta reader for my new fic. O_O (The first chapter's not out yet, but you can check out the short prologue.)

Title: Land of Arecta: Wind Quest
Fandom: The Song of the Lioness, The Immortals, The Circle of Magic, kinda like that...
Plot: Renka(name not sure yet) wants to be a mage, so she enters the Lightvale(name not sure either) Academy, where they teach magic and fighting to to-be mages and warriors. However, you must be of nobility to be able to attend the school, so Renka disguises herself as a princess of a faraway land. Unfortunately, after half a year of useless training at the academy, she is forced to believe that her magic is not strong enough to be a mage. To make things worse, the princess she was disguised in suddenly appears on the academy's doorsteps. Renka is expelled from Lightvale, and decides to journey to the holy moutains of Heleos(once again, name not sure) to strengthen her magic. However, she is about to discover that her magic does not need strengthening at all.
Genre: Fantasy
Rating: G/PG-13 (There will be words like 'damn' and 'shut up'.)
Type of Mentor Needed: Comprehensive (And also the kind that can find me some good names -__-
Writing Sample of the Story:

Rebekah turned back to her carpets, hanging each of them with care, so that the passer-bys could see them properly. She hung the last one, then gestured to her daughter.

Renka kneeled down and took out a pile of thread from underneath the stall. She handed the pile to her mother, who took it and placed it on the counter. She carefully sorted out every color, until there were five, small, neat piles of red, blue, green, violet and black.
Then, she closed her eyes and held out a hand. Her hand began to glow bright silver, and Renka watched silently was the threads began to curl, twist and knot themselves. When Rebekah reopened her eyes, there sat a thin braid of thread. She put on hand over it, muttered a few words, and the braid glowed bright silver. In seconds, the colors had arranged themselves into a pretty pattern.

“That was magic, wasn’t it?” Renka asked abruptly.

“Well, yes,” Rebekah answered, surprised by her daughter’s question. Renka had seen her do this many times, and had never questioned whether it was magical or not.


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