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Rating: This fic might contain some mild violence, some insults, some remotely foul language and romance themes. It also contains saving the world with a highly witty and funny method. The end might be slightly tragic to some people.
You have been warned.
Author's notes: This is as parody as a parody can get. Even though it is sometimes written in a way that suggests I might be serious, I can assure you I am not. I enjoy writing this. I hope you enjoy reading this.
Also, a fun hobby for someone: try to count words such as "perfect" or "happy" and all their derivatives. I want to know what the count is when this ends. Phew.

The character of Sora, including her name, was originally made by Xanthine. I thank her for that, but I also have to note that I have modified Sora a bit to suit this fic better. Don't worry though, Xanthine, she will still save the world from evil Team Helicopter. Or something along those lines.

Also, this is not going to be immensily long, but I will write over 7 chapters for sure.
Now, on to the real deal. I hope you enjoy it.

World Saviour Sora-chan
Too bad I can't make that blink...

Table of contents:
*Not so empty anymore!*
What happened before the story could really start
First Chapter
Second Chapter

What happened before the story could really start

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful girl called Sora Tranquility Crystal Mary Susan Hikari Tsukino or simply Sora. She was beautiful from the outside as well as inside: her face looked almost too perfect when it was surrounded by her astonishing, purple black hair, but she still wasn't vain. She was helpful, kind, righteous and courageous, but most of all she was pure-hearted. Maybe that was why she had been granted psychic powers in her birth. You would think that she had been proud about that, but she wasn't, because she was just that modest.

Her life, however, was far from perfect. After her parents had died violently in a strange accident when she was still very young, she moved in with her childless aunt, because all her children-loving relatives already had so many kids they just couldn't take in another one. Her aunt, of course, loathed children and thus made Sora do all the chores since she was three years old. In a way that was a good thing, because Sora grew up incredibly independent yet obedient. The most horrible thing her aunt ever did to her was to decline from signing Sora's trainers license application form when she was ten. So, Sora had to wait until she was 16 (which is the age of maturity in this world, by the way) before she got her first Pokémon.

In a way, this was also a good thing, because that way she got the most special starter there was: a shiny Eevee. All the other starters had been taken already, so she had no other chance that to settle with the incredibly powerful shiny Pokémon. She named the Eevee Moonlight, and in only three hours it evolved into an Umbreon because it was so happy to be with Sora. Not at all suprised by the sudden evolution, Sora left her hometown and started her Pokémon journey.

So, Sora and Moonlight were peacefully walking in the beautiful and peaceful forest surrounding their hometown and listening to all sorts of beautiful birds sing peacefully, when something odd happened. A girl about Sora's age jumped out of the bushes. As if that hadn't been enough, she also had a pair of rabbit ears on her head. She stood up from her crouching position and sweeped dust off her short dress. She was a bit taller than Sora, had blue eyes compared to Sora's black ones, and the tips of her blonde hair all curled upwards. She was almost as beautiful as Sora was, expecially when she smiled. However, Sora thought it was rather odd that this girl had brown bunny ears sticking out from her head.

"Hello," said the bunny girl. "Who are you?"

"I'm Sora Tranquility Crystal Mary Susan Hikari Tsukino, but you can call me Sora," said Sora and smiled her most welcoming, happy smile. She was so beautiful it made birds cry.

"Your name is even longer than mine," said the bunny girl and smiled happily. "My name, you see, is Mary Angelica Melissa Elisabeth Franklin. Before my genes got mixed with Buneary genes, I would have wanted you to call me Mary. But after that evil professor tricked me and turned me into a bunny girl, I have a new name: Usa-chan! You know, when usagi is rabbit in Japanese and all!"

The fact that Usa-chan told her life story only a couple of seconds after their first encounter didn't dazzle Sora at all. She would have done the same. So, she simply reacted in the logical way:

"Let's be friends," Sora said. "Let's travel together, Usa-chan!"

"All right! Kawaii!" answered Usa-chan and gave a dazzling, happy smile. Both girls laughed with their well-formed breasts bouncing graciously and the sound of their heavenly laugher silencing even the most arrogant birds in envy.

But Usa-chan was not the only one that had been going through the forest in bushes. Soon after the bunny girl had appeared, another girl with animal parts came from the shadows of the trees. This one had fox ears and long, white tail. Sora looked at her curiously but was terribly disappointed: this girl was clearly older than she was, but she was really short. She was very plain-looking: she had short, grayish brown, plain hair; eyes the colour of nothing; and a bit pale skin, but not pale enough to be stylishly goth like Sora's skin was. Moreover, she was wearing a brown sweater that was too big for her and a skirt that wasn't short enough to show the three quarters of her thighs like Sora's and Usa-chan's skirts did. The only things special about her were her fox ears and her fox tail. Sora thought that the fox girl must have had a stunning, magical smile or something like that, but she wasn't sure, because the girl wasn't smiling. She looked more like she was going to throw up.

"Are you all right?" Sora asked the girl. She was very kind-hearted and it agonized her to see the girl in so apparent pain.

"Oh, don't mind her. She always looks like that," Usa-chan said and smiled happily. "She hasn't smiled once after her boss, the evil professor, mixed her genes with ones from Ninetales. Her name used to be Sue, but now that she's a magical fox girl that can do all sorts of stuff with fire, she's called Kitsuneko."

"Nice to meet you, Kitsuneko-san," said Sora and tried to smile as kindly as she ever could.

The fox girl snorted. "Don't call me with that stupid name! My name is Susanne. Susanne! Will you please call me by my real name?"

Sora was about to say she was sorry, but Usa-chan interrupted her. "Don't care about that. She's just lying. Of course her name is Kitsuneko: it has kitsune, which is fox in Japanese, it has neko, which is cat in Japanese, and it has ko, which means girl in Japanese! She has the perfect name, seeing how her genes are mixed with Ninetales's genes, so of course we will call her Kitsuneko!"

Sora was about to say she understood Usa-chan's point, but this time it was Susanne who interrupted her. "Give me a break, will ya?" she wailed. "My genes weren't mixed with anything, you hear? How many times do I have to explain it, huh? And why are you telling my life story to a random goth girl? Not on offense, random goth girl, and I'm sorry if Mary here has bothered you in any way..."

"Oh, no, Kitsuneko-san," said Sora happily. "We just decided to travel together. You see, I'm very lonely, because my child-hating aunt never let me play with other kids when I was small. I'm very happy to have such a beautiful and nice friend as Usa-chan. You can also be my friend. My name is Sora Tranquility Crystal Mary Susan Hikari Tsukino, but you can call me Sora. Let's all travel together!"

"All right! Kawaii!" yelled Usa-chan and danced a happy little victory dance. After she had danced it, she started laughing again. Sora joined her and they both laughed for a good while. The voice of their laughter was so immensily beautiful that an old woman collecting mushrooms nearby bursted into tears and died happy as her heart exploded from all the happiness she felt.

After they had laughed for ten minutes, Susanne interrupted them with a question pointed to Sora. "Doesn't it bother you that we have animal parts for some strange reason?"

"Not at all," said Sora happily and smiled. "After all, I have psychic powers, too."

Sora, Usa-chan and Moonlight watched as Susanne fell on her knees, grabbed her head and muttered: "This can't be happening..."

"I also have an exceptionally strong shiny Umbreon, who loved me so much it evolved in just a couple of hours," Sora reminded and gave a happy smile.

"That's really great! That happened with my Roselia, too!" said Usa-chan, looking at Sora and smiling.

They both started their happy laughter again, killing numerous of other old people and small animals in the process without knowing it themselves. Susanne lifted her head and looked at the perfect, sunny sky. The laugher was discontinued in a horrible way when her agonizing cry filled every corner of the forest, scaring all birds and other creatures away.


The picture, of course, is drawn by me. So, don't use it without my permission. Understood? Great!

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