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Quote originally posted by Post Office Buddy:
Lol, same here, including current time. Only difference is that I have to drive a half hour to school, study for four hours, then come back home. I think I'm going to try and fix my pattern once and for all by not sleeping until past ten tommorrow (technically tonight).
Heh, I tried to fix my own pattern of sleeping. It was actually working well too. I would go to bed around three in the morning and sleep well until noon in the afternoon, when I would then wake up. Until November 11th happened, and that was the end of me getting sleep. Dear Andy, that book was a drug for me.

I mean, imagine if a legendary were captured and the trainer just dies. If the legendary died, then bam, entire species of Pokemon is wiped out (provided that you follow the one-of-a-kind thing).
I also follow the "Legendaries can't be captured" idea. XD

Besides, if I remember right, Ash technically died in the first movie and none of his Pokemon really died. (Just thought of this now actually.)
Maybe that was a sign that Ash wasn't dead forever? Or something? I don't know. That part was weird. I need to rewatch that movie anyhow for one of my fics, and maybe I'll pay more attention to what happens to Ash instead of hoping that maybe maybe a Pokemon will draw blood.

Though I do remember all the kids asking if Ash would come back tomorrow when I saw the movie in the theaters. XD