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Quote originally posted by Xanthine:
*high fives!*
Yay! I feel like I can take over the world now - in English! Wheeeeee!

(Plot bunnies have played around with the idea of hackers getting into the system, but I've never really sat down to write that as amusing as it would be to imagine Bill royally pissed.)
I demand you write that fic! You're not the only one who wants to see Bill "royally pissed" Seriously, write some genious hacking fic which happens entirely in and in fron of computers! The epic war between Bill (and his colleagues) and teh evil hacker... The fic with most furious keayboard hitting in the entire world!

As for why can I suddently give out commands... *points at above* I just took over the world. So, any questions to your new dictator? I can let you have some autonomic areas you can have full control over, given you ask nicely. And only if it's not some area I want to myself. Such as the Great Barrier Reef, the Antarctica or Japan.

Also, if someone tries to resist me, you know what will be after you. *points at the huge army of Sentret equipped with flamethrowers*

(After all, has anyone really seen Ash buy new Poke Balls?)
I can swear I've seen him do that once. I can't remember the episode, but I'm sure he said something about buying new Pokéballs. The memory is rather faint, but... Also, it might have been a feature only in the Finnish dub, athough I don't see why that would be. (It rhymed! I'm so taking over the world!)

XD Yes. Because cats inherently hate us.
MY CAT DOSENT HATE PEPOLE IT LOVES ME VERY MUCH U MEANIE!!!!!!111 OOPS CAPS SORRY my cat is the most adoralb cat and its just like eevee so cute and cudly and he purrs and he loves me why did u saytaht i hate u now!!!!!!!!!111

It's a pure miracle how cats can always sit on whatever you're reading and manage to find the exact place in the text you want to read next. They sit exactly on that exact spot. I seriously don't know how is it possible that they succeed every time. In my case, though, our dog does it too whenever I'm reading on my bed.


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