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Well there isn't much to show off. I have just overcome a road block that prevented any coding to progress so I have been mapping.

Here is a screen from Route 298

And Here is a screen from the Pokemon Summary screen

Thats really all I have got done lately, besides the female trainer's overworld, but I don't want to show that quite yet. I also have been working with Riceeman getting a few new pokemon for the game, including a new grass starter to replace Florotan, which I will show off shortly.

I am currently looking for someone who can come up with Movesets, base stats, and Pokedex entrys for the new pokemon of Iriho, please pm me and we will talk. Also if anyone knows away to make new crys for the pokemon please pm me.

Sorry there isn't much. Since I have everything writen out storywise up to Arborvitae City, I will hopefully be able to code some of it in soon and have something worth while to show screens of.

I hope this holds people over!

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