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Originally Posted by ~link smash~ View Post
Holy ****. I cant believe how far this evolved man. I last posted here in august way back on page 8. From what im gathering you added the torn world have 3 regions are going swell in progress and are doing amazing reworking to some areas. Question though. If you have 3 regions thats a total of 24 badges. Why dont you have in your key items section of the bag a badge case and a ribbon case for bedges and ribbons? And have the trainer card for info and achievements. Good luck and all and i hope you take in my suggestions!
I believe there's 16 badges, and 8 symbols or something. Ryen and Hoenn are like normal where you fight for badges, and Kanto is like a battle frontier. I think that's what SL said before. Plus, why would you fight for badges in the kanto region when your already the champion? Anyways, I like your idea, Link Smash.