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~SSKD Project~
→Sinnoh Saurav KyleDove Project - UPDATED

What's New
→ New Dark Sand Path; Sinnoh House

→Who needs crediting

Kyledove(Large tree[Slightly edited my myself]; Flowers; Rock; Small Tree; Bush; House)
Saurav(Big Tree; Grass Tile[Slightly edited my myself]; Grass Path)
Alistair(Mountains[Edited by myself]; Sand Path)
Myself(Palettes; Assembling the Base)

→An in-depth look what is contained in this Base

Other Info
→Anything else you might need to know
→Patch of FIRE RED
→The Sand Paths are messed up, I just didn't bother to fix them, as this is just a beat version.
→I will update this Base later with more tiles.
→I know there is a tile error in the screenshot, I'm not bothering to fix it right now.
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