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OOC: I told you I would

Character Name: Leonard 'Leo' Farrell
Gender: Male
Age: 15
Birth Date: 5th August
Appearance: Leo is a rather fearsome looking person - he has dark red hair which is short around the sides with a large fringe. As a result, his face is almost always invisible. When you can see them, his eyes are a piercing icy blue and are often described as cold-looking. Leo adds to this scary image with his slightly Gothic attire - he normally wear mainly black and has a lip ring which he think makes him look "badass". When it comes to size, Leo is slightly taller and skinnier than average for his age, but not enough to make him stand out in a crowd. It is, however, enough for him to loom threateningly over people whenever he wants to. Which is quite often.
Personality: Leo is something of a loner, yet he does have friends. However, he prefers to have a small group of close friends and then shut everyone else out, much to their annoyance. Leo also has a rather strange sense of humour which some would call "witty" and others would call "childish". His jokes can also seem rather insulting to others, though it will be him that gets angry when the other person "can't take the joke". Leo can also be extremely lazy.
History: Leo is an only child and as such, his mother often spoils him. Leo's father is more of the opinion that he needs to "man up" and has been encouraging his journey, as he hopes that it will make a man out of a boy. Leo has also been excited about his journey and has talked about little else for the last year. He has spent much of his time studying complex battle strategies employed by the Elite Four, as well as watching the Pokemon at the laboratory and in the wild, so as to understand how they behave better. As a result, Leo has recently been becoming more and more secluded. A few times, his mother has found him lying asleep on the sofa with a video of an especially important match playing on the television.
Preferred Starter: Poochyena (wildcard)