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"My name is Sir Aaron," said the man and smiled, but of course no-one saw his smile in the dim. "I am going to Vanilla Town myself, but when I realized how scary this forest was... I have been here waiting for some passers-by who want some more experienced people to accompany them on their trip trough this forest. There are some powerful Pokémon out there, I can tell you. So, do you girls need an escort?"
EPIC WIN!!!!1!!!11!!!111!!! The thought crossed my mind when I read something about a cape and gloves, but I was still surprised and almost fell off my bed laughing.

Sir Aaron," he huffed, sounding desperate to the extenct of having tears in his eyes. "We need you! The Tree of Beginning is... It's... Oh, it's too horrible! Hurry!"

Sir Aaron grabbed the brim of his hat. His paleness could be seen even though the forest was unbelievably dark. He took a deep, quivering breath and said: "I must get going, then. Please, messenger, escort these girls to Vanilla Town in my place. When duty calls, I must answer."
Again: EPIC WIN!!!1!!!!1!!!111!!!!!!! I somehow didn't see that one coming, even though I should have lol.

"Oh, dear", said the Muk, covering his face with his silmy hands. Suprisingly enough, he had a strong British accent.
LMAO! Reminder of the anime much? Very nice job here!

"I've seen Usa-chan beat a Garchomp with only her Luvdisc."
Of course, the Luvdisc's arms were tied behind its back, right?

(which, by the way, she doesn't normally have, and as she doesn't have a bag either, it's a huge mystery where she keeps all her stuff)
I seriously live to see that phrase in a parody. LOL. Oh, and a Mary-Sue wouldn't be all that Sue-ish if she didn't have her own interdimensional backpack to put all of her stuff in. LOL.

Oh, and because I just have to.

dis is trible. u kneed bttr idia nd wrd prcessr b4 psting on form. astinuts shld lck dis liek he lck pirate caterpie fic.
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