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@Master 123 => Not my hack doesn't have anything there to be with the game Platinum (DS)
@Tropical Sunlight => Very well noticed what you said, you are very good observer but I will leave the mystery in the air
@Mac_Mini=> Thank you and yes the scripts will be of high levels in this new beta, in the old I used many of the Ruby but now they will be 100% new
@Lucario9 => Thank you for the support
@D@y 1E123 => in gba format link removed I don't advise to lower why it saves it of this beta it won't work in the new since they will be new scripts 100% and the grafics and scripts of her it is already surpassed.

Forced the whole ones for the comments and he/she would like to ask to lean on,
using one of our FAN BAR's in the first makes up


New images of DARDUSK CITY,
a ghostly city full of mystery,
does it seem that the sacred temple was attacked??
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