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Originally Posted by chrisdurer View Post
ok for some reason wen i go to edit fire red all the pokemon centers and marts are all blacked out?? why is this happening?

I'm not 100% sure why this is happening

Probably just loading to many maps, don't worry!

Try this:
  1. Open the tile editor click on all the tiles that shouldn't be there click save (Note: if this doesn't work at first try it on a different map with the same tilesets
  • solution pt.1
  • solution pt.2
  • Fixed!
If your still haveing problems send me the rom in a private message and I'll try to fix it!


Originally Posted by chrisdurer View Post
how go you back up your files and how do you open them?


To back up roms means to just copy the rom and paste it somewhere special you can remember!


What do you mean how do you open them?

Using advance map...:\


Originally Posted by Korronensu View Post
Okay... For adding wild pokemon... how do you determine which pokemon are meetable with which rods?


OMG misread question rewriting answer! Sorry

Actual answer: I think you have to use YAPE, I'm not 100% sure... sorry.


The "odds" at the top repressent the frequency you'll see any pokemon.

What you can do though is put the same pokemon in more than once. This will increase the chance of seeing this pokemon


See how charmander is on here 3 times and bulbasaur only once.
This gives you a 3/4 chance of seeing charmander
And gives you a 1/4 chance of bulbasuar

Hope this helps!
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