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Quote originally posted by Kyledove:
Hi Wesley, there has been some confusion going around with people coming to me saying you have been stealing, and Im sure its just been a big mis-understanding but...
Could you please remove any of my tiles that are not for public use from your game?
You can see here which ones - and
I just wanted to make it clear since people have said you had given them some of my tiles and they didn't realize they were mine.
Excuse Kyledove that, I didn't really know that they were not public,
I already ordered a MP for Kyledove asking its authorization,
they are some 4 or 5 you just trees that are not you publish, but I didn't really know, in case kyledove doesn't authorize me I will remove everybody,
excuse, but if they observe well I already saw these tiles in a lot of hacks,
once again excuses and I await answer,
but that is not anything that commits the hack because I eat he/she already said they are just some,
4 or 5 treess.
I WILL BACK SOON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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