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@TropicalSunLight==> Yes there will be two teams of the evil, and in DARDUSK CITY it is an old city where the old old man had a GENGAR and east GENGAR it was the responsible person for saving the city, of a flood.... but that is hystory for knowing in the hack, thank you for posting
@Andrew_mua==>Thank you for the comment ^ ^
@GudamFigther==> Yes case somebody wants to help PM me
@DANTE==>Thank you its DANTE support helps me to improve
@n3o==>Thank you I will try to improve more and more
@ptshady==>Thank you for its comment
@Yoshi3112==>1. Yes but I am re-doing of the zero that is to say thousands of new things besides improved graphs 100%.
2. Well this new version can delay a little to leave but I believe that will like
3. The name not just uses Platinum, but he/she doesn't have anything there to be with the game of DS
@konekodemon==>Thank you for supporting my game ^ ^
@Lucario 9==>Thank you for the comment, but I am Brazilian XD,

Now new images of SINISTER FOREST a big forest,
very mysterious and full of frightening secrets,
it seems that it is inhabited by ghost and night pokemons,
but its mysterios only same playing the new beta XD
Kalos Demake Soon!!
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