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Welcome to the world of Pokemon Malachite!......

The Story:
You begin the game as a young boy/girl who lives with your grandfather, who is a former pokemon professor on a small island in the region of INSULA. You are also a born Pokemon Trainer just like your parents but you choose not to be a pokemon trainer because 5 years before your parents disappeared after trying to stop an evil syndicate. One day while coming back from school you see that your island has been overrun my a bunch of mysterious thugs. You see that they have surrounded your house. As you walk toward them they see you and they run away. You go into the house to see if your grandfather is ok but he is no where to be found and your house is trashed. You find your grandfathers Attic door torn down, hoping to see if there is a clue to where he is you go inside.You grab the pokeballs and the Bag and go outside.When you arrive outside you see that your grandfather is being kidnapped and taken away in a ship by those mysterious thugs, you try to chase after them but one of the thugs stop you while the ship starts to sail away you ask him what they want with your grandfather, he answer saying that it is none of your buisness and that he challenges you to a battle. you having no pokemon start to backup until the thug commands his pokemon to attack you causing your grandfathers bag fall and open then 3 pokeballs spill out, you see this as your chance to beat this guy so you pick one of the pokeballs and battle after you have beaten the thug he throws a smoke bomb causing engulfing you in this cloud of smoke, he escapes and tells you that not to worry he will be back and TEAM MARE will be the new rulers of this world. In search of your Grandfather you set out on a pokemon Journey that Introduces the INSULA League to you and clues to the whear abouts of you parents aswell as your grandfather.With the help of Allies in trainers and pokemon you must stop team Mare from taking over the world. This is the story of Pokemon:MALACHITE!

The Characters!
The Hero! The Heroine!

The Comrads!
many asked and questioned if you choose one pokemon out of the three what will happen to the remaining two?Well this is what happens! You'll keep them and give them to these two.They will accompany you on your journey through the Insula region! Oh yeah more details will be revealed about these two later!

Rival AJ! A rich kid straight out of the Hills of Insula! He thanx to his parents owns a company That searches for the rarest pokemon in all the world. He's been very succesful in doing so seeing as to how he'll have a pokemon in the game that you wont be able to catch and that no one else will have.

Karen is the Drunken Teenager that takes care of your grandpa's Island when you take off, on your pokemon journey.
Team Mare, a group of pirates that search for rare pokemon and take over towns while doing so. While they look for rare pokemon as does AJ's company, they want the pokemon to take over the world. These bloodthirsty Pirates Dont where uniforms and they arent well organized as you may be used to. They take to the seas by boat in search for Insula's most rare pokemon!

A Nineteen-old Delenquint whos started a group of bandits in search of rare pokemon. Him and his crew alone have a bounty of $1,000,000 three fourths of which being only for him. He is a skilled pokemon trainer who is against pokemon cruelty and he has a dark past that will be revealed in the game.

This isnt all the grunts lol this not a small bunch of pirates. Like I said they dont where uniforms so they all cant look the same! There will be more of these grunts coming soon!

From left to right! Triceride, Penguip and Kyuro!
Which one do you like?which one will you choose?
.......Mmmmm lets see what else do I have here?
Well as of now I only have two gym leaders done.Here they are!

The Fire gym I'm sure you could tell not to much detail on here yet..
Then here is the Gym Leader of the Dragon District of the game!

Lol a kid? The gym leader of the DRAGON District? more details soon!
Some of you may have noticed in my sig this screen. The moon seen in the background is a very important part of the game and the legendary!

Thanx to some help I've gotten the flashlight item to work and mapping of the haunted pokemon center is under way! So Who you gonna call?.....

Thats both the Hero and Heroine using the Item.
Well....This is it for now....
I would like to show you more but unfortunatly I no longer have anything that I'm willing to show just yet. I also promise to have a features list asap. A contest will be announced soon too. well Bye but before I do here taste this apple....straight out of INSULA! the final EVO of Penguip!