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Quote originally posted by 44tim44:
The update is completley Amazing, OI!!
I just LOVE the final evo of penguip.
Who designed it anyway?
And also the flashlight thingy is really cool.

And about the profile message, I am workin a new one right

Thanx! I love the final evo of the Penguip too its my favorite. I have complete evos of all the starters except the fire type. Oh and OG designed it. he did a real good job on it too.
Quote originally posted by ~Night:
Great update!
But why do the comrads look like Drew and a D/P sprite with blue hair???

lol I never thought of him that way. Oh well he's fine to me.
Quote originally posted by Saurav:
This game looking so great love the updates too ..... and the flashlight event part is awesome ...... :D
Thanx man!

Also I advise everyonw to read the text in the update! It leaves you with some cliffhangers but fills some holes aswel about the characters and story.

Oh yea and I had these ready last night but I cant believe I forgot them. They were part of the update but here:

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