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Found a very intriguing in game trade..
Cubone for Machoke..
Oh ho ho ho!
Nugget Bridge and beyond

Anyway, I destroyed the Nugget bridge - and I mean destroyed! Every single pokemon fainted in ONE hit. No exaggeration, just pure power.
I'm heading for Vermillion, Mankey is about to evolve into Primeape too as Mankey is currently at level 27.
Saved Bill from the clutches of being a pokemon and got the ticket for the SS Anne. This'll lead to me being able to get cut who I'll teach to a HM slave.

In all, I have planned out my party. It'll be as follows:

In game traded Machamp





My HM slave isn't important, so there's no real need to say which one I'll use.

Right after I posted this, Mankey finally evolved into Primeape! Woohoo! Here are the thing's stats:

Level 28
Karate Chop
Focus Energy
Low Kick
Highest Stat: Attack - 75
Lowest Stat: Special - 46

You know what the next generations could use? A fighting type that specialises in Special Attack.

Next part will come after L.T Surge.