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Quote originally posted by 44tim44:
Oh, man, this is looking great DJG,
I can't wait to tryout the final part of Ruby Destiny!!
The Ruby Destiny Trilogy is the some of the greatest hacks,
i've ever seen, and it only gets better with LoG.
Keep up the good work!

I am not sure if LoG will be the last part though.
We always get new ideas, so who knows, but thanks~

Quote originally posted by GalaxyTurbo:
Yes! It's finally up!
This looks awesome, lookin' forward to the beta.

And seriously, beta or not, this should go to the Hacks Showcase.
I do not wish LoG to be in the Hack Showcase yet though...
It will be, when I want it to be there...

Quote originally posted by Mac_Mini:
Thsi looks increditble DJG (we can finall call you that again)
but may'br you should change the CSS so there aren't so many scroll bars
the CSS style's a bit ugly to look at on other themes, so I will change it then.
Thanks and yeah, it's good to be DJG again... xD

@ general...
Thanks to you all~

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