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Updating again! Two new members to the party and Surf!

After my episode with Erika, I had to decide what to do next. Either I could cheat my way into Cycling Road via the glitch, or I could take the long route with sooo many trainers. I decided to go along Cycling road for this episode just for the sake of speed.
Got poisoned so many times I had to reluctantly go to the Celadon store and buy 10 antidotes. Smog gets on my nerves consarnit!

Reached Fuschia. The first thing I proceeded to do was obtain the Good rod from the nearby fishermun. I fished in his backyard pond and fished up a ripe and friendly Poliwag, who I huggled and welcomed to the team of wrestling wonders!
I grinded Poliwag to level 25 on Route 10 to get him to become a Poliwhirl. When done so, I used my water stone and made my newest party member:

Come to be. Let's get ready to rumbllllllllllllllleeeeee!

After that little grind, I bought a Soda for the guards and they agreed to let me in Saffron despite dangerous roadworks ahead. Those crazy guards; caring for the sake of their thirst than their community's safety..
Next, I arrived at the ol' 'Gym' where I decided to let loose and had a good clean fight with the trainers there. WRANTHOR wasn't too powerful in this gym for now since he's level 25 and all, but he'll improve.
WRANTHOR's role will be Special support and the status problem guy. He has three moves that can cause Status problems and the proud owner of Surf.
Anyway, after I wrestled the Karate Master out of his ring, I decided to pick Hitmonlee for my journey. I named him Hitomi. Why? It sounds awesome, that's why. If I got Hitmonchan I would've called him Hikari. Although that sounds more of a girl's name.

Now that I have both Hitomi and WRANTHOR , I decided to head back to Fuschia and train in the grass next to the Bird Keepers near cycling road. Long, boring grinds to level 37 ensued; but it'll be worth it once I defeat Koga.
As a little bonus, I decided it was essential for Wranthor to obtain Surf ASAP. Therefore, I decided to go have a stroll down the safari zone. Just because I had free balls, I captured a few Pokemon such as Pinsir, Kanghaskhan and Scyther. They'll never, ever see the light of day again..
It took me two tries to get to the winners' house. The first time, I was told to stop right IN FRONT of the entrance!

Current Party

Level 37
HP: 128
Ice Beam
Body Slam
Highest Stat: Defense - 88
Lowest Stat: Special - 68 (It's still tougher than the rest so he can work with being a special fighter.)
Fun Fact: Despite being labelled as a leader with the bold text and Impact font, he's actually the weakest in the party so far. However, he's still awesome for his type coverage and the abillity to Freeze, Sleep and Paralyze.

Level 36
HP: 91
Double Kick
Rolling Kick
Highest Stat: Attack - 102
Lowest Stat: Special - 38

Level 41
HP: 139
Karate Chop
Low Kick
Dig (For great ghost coverage!)
Highest Stat: Attack - 125!
Lowest Stat: Speed - 66

Level 41
HP: 133
Karate Chop
Low Kick
Focus Energy
Rock Slide
Highest Stat: Attack - 108
Lowest Stat: Speed - 53

Stallion (Maybe I should've called someone Italian? Maybe in the 3rd gen when there are double battles..)
Level 41
Karate Chop
Focus Energy
Seismic Toss
Highest Stat: Attack - 112
Lowest Stat: Special - 69

I'll record Koga for you guys soon enough, next segment will go all the way to Cinnabar Island!