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Started on Yellow's Mono-Bug this morning...

Having finished playing Track & Field for the NES, I sauntered downstairs.
Ignoring my mother, as per tradition, I opened the door for an inhalation of something other than bad cooking.
Strolling north to relieve myself, I had yet to begin when The Pokemon Prof. himself begins.
Talking to me that is.

Good thing, too, for the patch of grass I was gonna go for concealed a Pikachu burrow's front, um, doorhole? The Professor threw a Poké Ball and sucked it up like a shop vac. After a tense lolwut moment, I found myself infront of the Professor and beside "that kid" of his. OAK wanted me to take this brown furry critter for my own protection.
Going for it, "that kid" slams me into a locker. Fortunately it was bound shut with a twist-tie...
Seeing the trickle from my pinched nose, The Prof gave me that ironically colored Pikachu. "That kid" wised up the gall to challenge me to battle. I showed him my Pokémanz and lost to his EEVEE. Having called me a n00b, "that kid" ran off. If only was Sk8r McGee! Grrr!
Having named my PIKACHU "SHAFTED", with my well earned freedom, I walked north like a soda chugging Forest. Forest Gump.
Arriving at the 'big city', I went to purchase some Poké Balls. Unfortunately, a brown raccoon wearing a purple apron asked me to deliver a package to The Prof. Accepting on behalf of mum, I went down to deliver. On delivery, I received a cellphone. Sweet!
Reading the instructions, I learn that in my possession is in fact a Pokédex.
After buying 3 Pokéballs from the 'big city', I continued north through the Viridian Forest. On encounter of a Sixth Level Black Belt CATERPIE, I showed my moves. ^__^ And captured it with ease. Dropping METAPOD liek Mudkipz (whatever they are), CATERPIE evolved into a METAPOD. Using my now uber legend, I walked through the forest bopping other METAPOD on the head and showing losses to the Bug Catcher masses. With the exit ahead, my METAPOD evolved into BUTTERFREE. With one Tackle left, an abundance of Confusion, and a 'grey & gritty city' was just afew strides ahead. Healing at the Center of Pewter, I wormed my way into the Gym.
On pwnage of the Leader, and with my Lv. 15 BUTTERFREE, I returned to the Center of Pewter and shafted SHAFTED into SOMEONE's PC.

Saved game @ 1.38
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