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Quote originally posted by Tropical Sunlight:
Hey are you changing the tiles to Platinum?
If so, cool!
If not, cool!
Keep it up!
and if maybe...? still cool...?
I will add new tiles when I feel like adding new ones though~

Quote originally posted by ¿TB Pro™:
Alright, I decided to report all the bugs I find, as to further the progress of the hack. NOTE: I will report every little tiny bug, even if it cannot be fixed/is hardly noticable

-the long spoiler thingy removed-

That's as far as I got, because I couldn't find the go-goggles, and I accidentally deleted my save. What I played of the hack, was wonderful, I only had one complaint. There were too many existing scripts from Ruby, which was a bit of a turn off, but somehow this hack has motivated me to begin working on my hack again. It just gave me a good feeling while playing it. Kudos, and Luck~
those movements errors... I better fix them then...
and about the grammar errors, I kinda agree with the 'come' instead of 'came', but I need to read my grammar book first though, and also, I think 'saw' suits best than 'see' 'cause it's in the past tense already...

and the Go-Goggles will be given to you after you got your second badge/symbol, unfortunately, the current available beta's only up to defeating the first master the second time.

and by Ruby scripts, you mean...? :\
I need to know so I can see if I can remove them(if you mean the sandstorm, I rescripted it, 'cause if I reuse the old Ruby sandstorm script, it causes the maps not to show their names anymore, I think)...

but thanks~

Quote originally posted by >Dante<:
this hack is relly good...
I've see a lot of number of script..
I hope to see a new graphical for this hack..
good work destinedjagold
I ain't good at graphics though, so I doubt I can make it graphically-excellent... :\

but thanks~

Quote originally posted by treecko 22:
When i start the game, i can't go out of the van + the border is glitchie.
no idea...
maybe bad patching, or ROM incompatibility, maybe?

Quote originally posted by megiddo:
I'd like to report that the boat script(the one where you meet the guy on board) froze for me.
are you maybe playing with No$GBA, 'cause the same happenes to me while I was beta testing through No$GBA...
I forgot to add that in the first post...

Quote originally posted by wildarms001:
wow finally the LoG is coming :D im happy youre back in hacking DJG :D im excited to see the new tile set and grapics :D GL ill support this one all the way
er, when did I stop? :\
but anyways, thanks~

Quote originally posted by .Exiled:
Mehish hack.


Though I think the overworlds could of been replaced D=.
It'll be replaced, it is just that my spriters are busy with their lives, so I don't bother bothering them if they are too busy~

also, sorry if I don't talk to you through YM...
but I always reply when someone talks to me.

Quote originally posted by abyssthesavior:
well that was quick...*downloads* gonna play beta 1 up to.... ... ... ... ... ... .. .? hey how many badges does the beta end and at what point of it???
er.., read the first post on the Beta Info...

Quote originally posted by Tropical Sunlight:
The Pokemon your shaman was talking about in the forest... What's it called... Can we see it?
Shaman in the forest? you mean the old lady in Sinister Woods?
no-no-no... that wasn't your shaman...
maybe I better change one of their overworlds to avoid confusion...
anyways, the PKMN it said was GUIBIT, but it's backsprite, and preevolution sprites aren't sprites yet, so I haven't inserted the sprite in the ROM yet, but it will be, soon, when it's done.

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