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I better answer some questions around here before I'll prepare myself to attend our school's Christmas Party.

Quote originally posted by Kile986:
YEAH LIFE OF GUARDIAAAAAAANS finally after so much time grats on finishing it DJG

omg.... i saw a Felinar in the grass and hadnt even gotten pokeballs yet.....AWW MAN~!~~~~
well yeah, I did that on purpose. It was a script.
I'f you'll at your PokéDex and look up to Felinar's location, it is still unknown so it is not around the wild grasses yet...

Quote originally posted by ¿TB Pro™:
Actually It would truthfully be "see". I have no idea why, but it truly is. Neways, I couldn't battle Janice the second time, for some reason. I believe it was because the script in that town didn't activate for some odd reason. And I mean the original Ruby talking scripts that are littered throughout the hack. But it was nice overall, keep it up! Luck~
you didn't battle Janice the second time 'round?
Why is that? After you exit Mineral Cave, did you talk to your 'mom' in Guardia Town?

Quote originally posted by SoraNoHana:
...So you mean the Go-getters created the world that the hero in the first game went into? Wow, this is a superb plot!

I wish you the best of luck!
Well, yeah, the hero of RoL was sent by Palkia to the world the Go-Getters created. Thanks~

Quote originally posted by Pokedra:
Really great hack! The bit at the start with the truck noise is weird but it doesn't matter this is an awesome hack!

You should add D/P sprites for the starters.
sorry about that, but I still don't know how to remove that script. sorry~

Quote originally posted by treecko 22:
well iv try'd all sorts of ruby roms but it's still glitchie, so it must be that patch.
can someone pm it to me patched please ?
i will love you forever (not in that way)XD
PM you the patch? It is already available in the first post... :\
Or do you mean a ruby ROM? If so, then er, Google it.

Quote originally posted by kinu:
it also freezes on me when you are talking to the guy on the boat, i was useing the visual boy advance.
that is weird. I have beta tested the hack several times now in the past few weeks and I got no problems whatsoever...

by the way pipz...
I am no longer using the Ruby ROM with the MUGS intro...

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