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Originally Posted by TrackerXNinjaX View Post
I know i already made a thread Isn't it a little early to give up? but its crap ...everything you start with will be 'crap'. Nothing solid can be written in one day by one person... so whatever. enjoy and comment!
had a ne idea and wrote so many paragraphs about it! but it didnt let me post it and it deleted the post ...I know the feeling. I have a hard time with this myself, but, next time, copy the text before posting it just in case that happens..=(
anyway, its called Pokemon: Runes of Ascension ...well, it's certainly different. Not sure whether I like it or not, actually.... About a Pokemon called Atmero Derivation?, the celestial bird of Creation Creation of what?, created while The Fallen Is that a group of people, a pkmn that refers to itself in plural, a bunch of legends...? were trying to create the perfect pokemon How? With Atmero?. The fallen took live pokemon and used alchemy and ancient runes on it to create a pkemon immune to all types and superior to all ...turn-off. But I'll keep going.... It failed and killed the pokemon. It turned into pure energy and escaped the alchemic circle after manifesting a solid form the ultimate pkmn was created but killed its creators and skedaddled? Do I follow?. Was immortal (because it recycles energy in the blink of an eye Yeah?)and was black with no eyes and had no legs and like Deoxys but a space bird. It escaped by disintegrating the roof entirely. This thing it a sentient being? If so, what are its aspirations? Morals? What does it hate? What's its purpose (or what does it think its purpose is...think Mewtwo)?
You find a visor made of bone that evolves into a pokemon called Archieir ...wait, some deranged guy took the bones of a pkmn and turned them into a hat?!, the celestial beast of Destruction ...creation versus destruction. Alright, how is this different from good vs. evil? What's the problem here? Does just awakened by protecting your eyes from the sun threaten to destroy the universe or something?, and is the closest thing to Atmero but a small panda without eyes and ears and completely black ...interesting designs. Not what I was expecting.... It befriends you Really? Is it in some state of amnesia right now, or is it just plain A)stupid and/or B)juvenile? and you soon run into the Fallen who try to kill you and take Archieir. You pown them. Bad. You devote your life What was your character’s background, by the way? You can say as much you want about the Celestial beasts of creation and destruction, but your characters MUST come to life themselves… to finding more ruins after the translation in the ruins rad something about alchemy and Ascension. Along your journeys you discover the two steps Stop, I bet I know these...drop and roll? to evolving it past even Atmero's state of being So to make it such that you own a stronger pkmn…still, what threat does Atmero pose? Isn’t it a pkmn of creation?. First evolving it with an elemental stone and then fusing Atmero and Archieir to create the ultimate pokémon Cuuuuuuut…how do you explain this? Are they really two parts to a whole? Halves? Like…Spoink can be separated from its jewel. Couldn’t this one ‘ultimate’ pkmn have been separated at some point and then they go back together like a puzzle? Do they pose a threat when together? Where did the bony visor come from, anyways?.
Along your journey you learn one concrete thing:
Creation is just a hairsbreadth from Destruction. [b]Next time, put this at the top as an attention-grabber…[/b]
Refer to the bolds above...
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It's a shame that what once was a friendly community has turned into a place where the news people want to read about, is bad news.
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