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Originally Posted by Agent Zero View Post
Refer to the bolds above...
Pokemon Vortex was good, but i think i can do more with this game and work in Vortex to this game.
Ascension is literally evolving to a different state of being.

Atmero means Creation in ruenic. Atmero is the result of any pokemon failing its ascension, but taking on a physical form, i guess. Is the creator of life, the yin to destruction. The pokemon that died was prevented from completely ascending by the Alchemic circle that trapped it. It was forced to stop its ascension and create a physical form for itself to escape. Its power was so great that even though it wasnt completely ascended it was still hundreds of thousands of years ahead of pokemon along the evolution cycle at the moment. It still retained its good nature and refrained from harming the fallen.

Archieir means Destruction in ruenic. Archieir is the result of any pokemon failing in ascension, and dying from its unability to create a body to inhabit. It could not create a body like Atmero because it had bad kharma/energy and could not create. Its visor was originally part of its previous form. When you find it and bring it home, it comes into close contact with your collection of elemental stones. It fed off the stones energy and gained its body back, but retained its spiritual energy as its type, making it a dark pokemon. Archieir is the yang to Creation.

To fully ascend, Yin and Yang must be joined in perfect harmony.

I think i will end the game with Atmero and Archieir joining to fully ascend.

The Fallen are a group of alchemists and scientists that took on the darker side of science to create the ultimate pokemo through any means necessary. Team Rocket tried to find the ultimate pokemon and succeeded in genetically altering one of the strongest pokemon, but failed overall with controlling it. Team Galactic tried to harvest pokemons evolution energy and create a new world. The people who created Mewtwo and the scientists behind the research in evolution joined together and steeped themselves into dark magic/alchemy to create the ultimate pokemon.
The problem was, it worked.
Atmero was the result of a mistake. It is a sentinent being but had little concern with the humans there. It knows it is damned to fly the skies untill Archieir appears to unite with it. It flew away to await that time.
Archieir also knows it is damned to walk the earth untill united with Atmero. Problem is, it needs to evolve to its state in power before joining or else there will be no ascension, just an increase in power in the unified being. This could endanger the entire planet, having an indestructable creature with the power to both create and destroy.
Your character lives in Graywater Forest and was planning on becoming an archaeologist. Hmmm...what a coincidence. Thats the reason he had a collection of stones and fossils. He thought that it was just another fossil for his collection. How very wrong he was.
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