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A brief intro about the new script help concept

I've been following the Script Help thread since it began and after months of posts the conclusion I came was only one: there needs to be stricter and better rules. I'm not saying it will be really easy at first, but it's something it needs to be done.

Rules, what about them?

I'll post them in an unsorted order because any of them must be followed and all of them have the same importance. Of course, all forum rules apply.

General Rules

  • Always search before asking: someone may have gotten the same problem before you, therefore you would get the answer in no time.
  • Whenever you need a particular script example, just decompile some similar scripts and try messing around with them.
  • If you need help, ask for it nicely and never demand it.
  • If you don't get an answer soon, just wait patiently. If someone knows the answer, you'll get it posted eventually.
  • Do not ask the same questions over and over again.
  • If you want to say thanks, do it via VM/PM instead of spamming the thread.
  • This is not a script request thread, so you have to post your scripts, clearly explaining what they're supposed to do and what happens instead.

Posting Rules

  • Make sure you took a close look at the scripting tutorials before posting.
  • Always include all your scripts inside spoilers. This way people don't need to waste time scrolling the thread instead of trying to help.
  • Whenever you're posting your script, a couple of screenshoots or a video are useful to understand the problem. If you can, always use at least one of them.
  • Don't forget to include what ROM you're using. Flags and movements are different from game to game, for example.
  • While posting, always include the script type.

    Available types are:
    • Person event - those scripts that get executed when you talk to someone
    • Signpost
    • Trigger - walkable, green "S" on AM
    • Level script ¹

    So, for example, if someone needs help with a level script someone that doesn't know anything about them wouldn't even try helping.

  • Don't forget to specify what's the script editor you are using.
  • Whenever you see someone is missing some data from his post, report it rather then giving a generic answer.
  • Avoid answering if you're not truly sure about what you're saying. Wrong answers won't help anyone: even worser, someone may really think what you said is true. It's not about discouraging people from trying to help: it's about discouraging wrong knowledge.
The code below shows you the structure to use when asking for help here. You're not forced to follow it exactly as that, as long as you include all needed information.

[b]Game: [/b]
[b]Type: [/b]
[b]Editor: [/b]
[b]Script: [/b]
[spoiler]Script goes here[/spoiler]
[b]Screenshots and/or videos: [/b]
¹ To view the full level script, do the following:

  • Open AM and load your ROM.
  • Enable the Professional Header View from the View menu.
  • Go to the Header tab and copy the Map Script Offset.
  • Open XSE and load the same ROM.
  • Paste in the offset you just copied.
  • Enable the Level Script option (the button on the very right on the toolbar) and decompile it.

Note: the rules listed above are subject to change without further notice.

Useful Links

Of course, if you're using XSE, reading the guide is a must ;)

Change Log

This is the place where the updates to this post will be stored.


20/12/2008 - Thread started -- HackMew
21/12/2008 - Adjusted rules a little -- HackMew
25/12/2008 - Introducing the [SOLVED] tag -- HackMew
29/12/2008 - Updated the useful stuff -- HackMew
22/09/2009 - Removed the [SOLVED] part of the rules as no one ever cared -- HackMew
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