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Originally Posted by pokefreak2 View Post
i can't wait till b1 b2 and finished game
There may be less or more beta's then that, and I want beta 1 to be a great beta, with no bugs, and great gameplay. I wouldn't want to wait either!

Originally Posted by Konekodemon View Post
it would make it more like a yellow remake if you used the opening from yellow for this,, you know the opening before you get to the title screen, would be cool, to use the yellow opening
If possible, the opening(or a new one) will be added, but that is not one of my primary goals.

Originally Posted by killik123 View Post
Cool, u've got really far into it. I cant wait till this is released.
Thanks for the support! I don't think I've done enough yet. Seeing how I'm very busy, little/nothing is being done.