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Originally Posted by Atomic_Reactor View Post
Why not just move it now?
Why do you say when your ready lol.
nothing really changes when the thread is moved...
it just changes link to the thread really...
i say request to get it changed now, it's not really a huge deal to get it moved.
A_R I'm getting it moved after christmas so yeah. But the thing is I'm still in planning stage there are still some holes even for me of course there are alot of holes needed to be filled for you guys but Until I fill in some for myself I wont get it moved. But like I said either christmas day or the day after I will request it get moved.
Originally Posted by Semblance View Post
Well, there will be a lot more pressure to update the game as there will be a lot more people looking in the thread.
Well I've dealt with that pressure before and tbh it isnt that hard to deal with. Until you get the crazed ones lol.