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---Fixed Beta---

I have uploaded a new patch. Hopefully, I fixed the boat freezing glitch.
I tried playing it with No$GBA and it is now fine, finally...

Now I can finally beta test it with my brothers altogether... :D


Quote originally posted by Tropical Sunlight:
I think you should make some new objects, like a Cut Tree.
I already planned to put new stuff in the game.
Although those aren't important/connected to the main story as of now, except for the two stuff I plan to insert.

But I won't be giving promises for I might fail to put them or might even forget of doing them. :\

Quote originally posted by firemaster234567:
On the boat it freezes on mine to. BTW, Awsome hack!
Quote originally posted by Maxwell:
Mine keeps freezing after you talk to Ryan in the boat...
I was trying to fix this problem.
But so far I am not sure if I fixed it now...

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