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Quote originally posted by Stalin Malone:
South Rijon is this Rijonadventures only place correct?
Yes it is. It won't be in Prism.

Quote originally posted by insectduel:
I wonder if you have any plans to port the English to the Japanese version of Rijonadventures if the final version is completed. I think I should do the project once it's done. I just need someone to translate the text to Japanese while I port all scripts and maps.
In due time, I intend to start the port work myself. I'm working on the cores for the Japanese translation.

Quote originally posted by dwnxo1:
but naljo will eventually be in rijon adventures right?
No. Naljo remains a part of Prism only, at least for now. There are no plans to include Naljo in rijonAdventures.

Quote originally posted by EngelDerRisse:
Just started playing this one, and so far all is well, haven't had any problems, and I like the change of the new Prof. being a girl.
Then you may like the character design I have planned for her.

Quote originally posted by BlazeTehKin:
Will the S.S.Marina be accessible in the Christmas beta? Congrats for Hack of the year, the hack is like a mix of all four generations.
Why do you even know of the S.S. Marina's existence? D;

(Nonetheless, it won't be accessible until the South Rijon quest.)

Quote originally posted by Nine-Tailed Assassin:
nice hack

u dont have a titlescreen yet?
The title screen is on my lowest of priorities. The December 25 beta will include features of my higher priorities.
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