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Originally Posted by Konekodemon View Post
I know someone who might be able, to do the Walking Pikachu problem, he's an expect when it comes to computers, he is Rii's friend, the user Rii on here, she has a friend that may be able to help with the Pikachu following you part, and even make it be able to make noises when it talks to you, I'll ask Rii and see if she can get him to do it
That would be a great help!
Contact me if you or Rii's friend could help.

Originally Posted by cloudffvii2696 View Post
looks good, I started a yellow remake a while back, was going to work on it until i found this. looks like you beat me to it
That doesn't mean you should stop.

Originally Posted by nadjim View Post
Good luck for your project he has the promising air...
Thanks for the support!

Originally Posted by linkinpark187 View Post
i think the Pikachu on the Back/Shoulder could be interesting, and a bit more true to the anime. good luck, Shadows! :D
Well, thats all I can do for the Pikachu following you thing at the moment.

Originally Posted by wolverfrog View Post
The following pikachu one should be easy enough to script, just make it so you are constantly stepping on script tiles that makes a pikachu sprite walk one step behind you/to the side/above. Ask a more expert hacker on the details, or other ways this could be accomplished.
That would take waaay to much space, and someone who knows a lot of advanced scripting(maybe even some ASM).
I could script, but I don't know ASM.
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