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Elow. Currently, I was busy with inserting new tiles for RAINBOW CITY, one of the cities in the LEON EMPIRE Sector...
Here are some screenies...

Mapping is half done since I really got tired of tile inserting... -__-
Credits go to TehTehTehTeh(your username is much difficult to type than thethethethe's >.>) and Pounder_Zeikku...


Quote originally posted by jin47:
[bad comment]can you change Felinar a little? like change the view coz i always sees the big Head

sorry, but I ain't a very good spriter...
so it'll stay as is until I ask my spriters to resprite it... :\

Quote originally posted by supershadow:
DJG , this hack is going in the history as the best pokemon hack ever made !!!!!!!!!

anyways ... i saw falinar three times .Is that supposed to happened ? (i saw him a GREEN LEAF ,SILKWIND PATH and GAURDIA PATH ,)

three times? in GreenLeaf? o,O
why'd that happen? I didn't activated the flag to set it into the wild yet.
I need to confirm this... can you see Felinar's location through your Dex...?

Quote originally posted by .Eni:
Finally had the time to see this hack... BTW, sorry if I'm not on the team anymore, I just don't feel like hacking right now...

Anyway, it looks good, just like the rest of your creations, DJG.
Hope to see more, and keep up the good work!

that is okay.
no need to say sorry though~

Quote originally posted by supershadow:
I found another well ... tile error here :
-image removed-

eewww... a tile error...
I'll fix that, thanks~


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